Emma and Crishell
Making a difference in the world is a circle, not a one-way street.  As volunteers, we always get back more than we give, and the disaster survivors we work with often share that they get more than they thought they would.  Here are some stories and thoughts from people whose lives have been touched and transformed by working with Love Knows No Bounds:

“I can think of no more rewarding work, kinder people, and an experience that will forever change how I look at each new day” – Tina H., Ithaca, NY,  LKNB volunteer, 2011.

“Sometimes you don’t know you’re about to break down until you get a break and then you realize how much you needed one.  Love Knows No Bounds reminds us that we need to take a break in order to be strong for the long haul.” – Walter J., Katrina Survivor, LKNB Respite Participant and Rebuilding Partner, 2011.

“Before I went down to New Orleans, I didn’t know anything about it, or any people down there.  Now Crishell is one of my best friends!”- Emma E., age 11, Ithaca, NY, LKNB volunteer (pictured with Crishell in the above photo).

“God bless Love Knows No Bounds.  Thank you for saving my house.” – Gussie C., Katrina Survivor, LKNB Respite Participant and Rebuilding Partner.