With your help, this is the difference we have made so far…and we’re still just getting started!

•Created an official Sister City partnership between Ithaca, New York and the 7th Ward of New Orleans.

•Participated in or led the rehabilitation of 20 homes or community buildings in New
Orleans, Binghamton, and Owego, NY.

•Delivered 12 truckloads, including nine 48 foot tractor trailers, of household appliances, home furnishings, mattresses, clothes,
and other needed supplies, saving residents of New Orleans hundreds of thousands of
dollars in new purchases.  Delivered an additional 7 (and counting) to disaster survivors in Owego, NY.

Delivering furniture to folks in need in NOLA
•Provided much-needed stress relief and rejuvenation by collaborating to bring almost 90 New Orleans residents to Thunder Mountain Retreat Sanctuary, in central New York, for a week at a time, between 2007 and 2011.

•Collaborated with Binghamton University’s MSW program to provide hundreds of New Orleans residents with counseling, outreach, and case management services.

•Provided financial support to keep a GED program running in New Orleans, and to keep a home from foreclosure by a predatory lender.

•Continue to educate our local community about the ongoing needs in New Orleans,
inspiring hundreds of volunteers and dozens of local organizations and businesses to get involved.

•Sent two shipments of tents, food, and hygiene and medical supplies to Lamardelle, Haiti,
following the earthquake of 2010.