Miss Audrey working with LKNB volunteers on her new garden

Love Knows No Bounds disaster relief and recovery in New Orleans has been a living example of the LKNB mission. Our work there has truly been a labor of love and the folks we’ve met along the way have become family.

Home rehabilitation: Love Knows No Bounds has participated in the rehabilitation of 15 homes or service buildings from Hurricane Katrina disaster, since 2006. We are currently in the last stages of finishing Miss Audrey Armour’s home, in mid-city New Orleans (check out our new YouTube video!). Miss Audrey has been paying a mortgage for a house she can’t live in for almost 6 years. It’s time to get her home at last! We also have some finishing touches to do on Pastor Bruce and Deborah Davenport’s home in the 7th Ward. With your support, we can help many more people realize their dreams of returning home to the Big Easy.

Strengthening Local Programs: Love Knows No Bounds is looking to donate 2 – 3 vans to St. John #5 Faith Church to assist with their ground-breaking work to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS in New Orleans. New Orleans has the 3rd highest rates of death from HIV and AIDS in the country. The Davenports and St. John #5 Faith Church are reaching out beyond religious and cultural borders to the most vulnerable citizens in their city to educate and provide tools to stop the spread of this deadly disease. Additional vans will extend their reach exponentially.

Planning for the Future: Love Knows No Bounds aims to leave the 7th Ward in a position of greater strength than before disaster struck. In the spirit of that commitment, we are developing a plan to build a community empowerment center in the heart of the community. This center will provide an array of social services, programs for youth, a meeting place for community members, and it will be sustainably built to represent the new era of energy-smart building in New Orleans. Our aim is to have the whole building run off of solar electricity and to be built to withstand the extreme weather conditions New Orleans is sometimes faced with. This will be a source of strength and connectedness for generations to come!