Love Knows No Bounds has been honored to receive the following recognition for our service to New Orleans:
Award from NOLA City Representative Lena Stewart
  • LKNB was recognized by the City of New Orleans for outstanding service to the city.¬† Awards were presented by City Council member, Lena Stewart.
  • The Lucy Brown Community Leadership award from Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services recognized LKNB founder, Catherine Martinez, and LKNB Board member, Mike Ellis in 2009 for their roles in creating and developing LKNB.
  • Cayuga Radio Group recognized former¬†LKNB Board Member, Karen Ruston, as one of “20 Outstanding Women You Should Know” in 2009, in large part due to her critical role in developing LKNB.
  • New York State Teacher Union recognized Mike Ellis and Karen Ruston with a Community Service Award for their work with LKNB.
  • LKNB, Mike Ellis, and Catherine Martinez received recognition from St. John #5 Faith Church for 5 years of dedication, impact in the community, and loving friendship.